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20 Best Money Earning Games in India for 2023

20 Best Money Earning Games in India for 2023: Play, Win, and Earn Real Cash

The gaming landscape in India has evolved, offering a diverse range of opportunities to earn real money while having fun. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 20 best money earning games that are set to make waves in India in 2023. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, these games offer exciting ways to boost your earnings.

1. Ludo Supreme Gold:

Ludo Supreme Gold combines the classic Ludo game with real cash prizes, making it a top choice for those looking to earn money while playing.

2. MPL (Mobile Premier League):

MPL offers a variety of skill-based games, including fantasy sports, rummy, and more, with real cash rewards.

3. RummyCircle:

RummyCircle provides a platform for rummy enthusiasts to play and win real cash prizes in competitive games.

4. Ludo King:

One of the most popular Ludo apps, Ludo King, now offers real money games, allowing players to compete for cash rewards.

5. Paytm First Games:

Paytm First Games hosts a wide range of skill-based games, from fantasy sports to trivia, with real cash prizes.

6. Adda52 Rummy:

Adda52 Rummy offers both rummy and Ludo games with real money rewards, catering to a diverse player base.

7. Gamezop:

Gamezop provides quick access to a variety of skill-based games, including Ludo, for players to win real cash.

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8. Skill4Win:

Skill4Win specializes in skill-based games, offering a chance to test your skills and earn real money in competitive matches.

9. Go First:

Go First features Ludo games with real cash rewards, making it an exciting option for Ludo enthusiasts.

10. Ludo All Star:

Ludo All Star is a dedicated platform for Ludo players to compete for cash prizes, offering both free and real money games.

11. Dream11:

Dream11 is a well-known fantasy sports platform where users can create their teams and win real money based on player performance in real sports events.

12. PokerBaazi:

PokerBaazi offers online poker games where players can participate in tournaments and cash games to earn money through their poker skills.

13. My11Circle:

My11Circle is another fantasy sports platform, specializing in cricket, where users can create fantasy teams and win real cash prizes.

14. 8 Ball Pool:

This popular pool game allows players to compete against others for real money prizes in 1-on-1 matches.

15. Qureka Pro:

Qureka Pro offers various trivia and quiz games where players can win real cash rewards by answering questions correctly.

16. RummyPassion:

RummyPassion focuses on rummy games, providing players with opportunities to compete in cash games and tournaments.

17. RummyBaazi:

RummyBaazi offers a platform for playing rummy and winning real cash prizes based on your card skills.

18. Fruit Chop:

Fruit Chop is a fast-paced arcade game where players can earn real money by slicing fruits while avoiding bombs.

19. Carrom Clash:

Carrom Clash allows players to compete in online carrom matches and win real cash prizes by demonstrating their carrom skills.

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20. Ludo Empire:

Ludo Empire offers a classic Ludo experience with cash rewards for players who emerge victorious in their matches.


These 20 money earning games in India for 2023 offer diverse gaming experiences and opportunities to win real cash prizes. However, please remember to play responsibly and within your means. Additionally, check the legality of real money gaming in your region, as regulations may vary. Enjoy your gaming journey and may your skills lead to fruitful earnings!

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